Physician Managed Weight Loss

Our Approach to Weight Loss

Every person is different.  Everyone responds differently to certain diet plans.  Some people can go years without eating carbs, some can’t go a day.  Some need red meat everyday and others can do without. Most people want a little of everything and are more comfortable in the long run if they can eat what they want when they want.

We will help you achieve your goals the right way that will last a lifetime.

The Plan

  • Initial consultation: You will have a one-on-one consultation with Dr. Praderio to discuss your goals, weight loss history and come up with weight loss plan. This may require lab work which may be vital to understanding your weight loss struggle.
  • Initial Body Analysis: During your first visit we will have you weigh in and body analysis. We will calculate your basal metabolic rate and your daily caloric needs for safe and lifelong weight loss.
  • Recommended Plan: Praderio does not believe in fad diets and recommends eating a low calorie well- rounded diet. Yes, that means you may have bread and alcohol! Just in moderation. If appropriate for your needs you may also be prescribed a mild appetite suppressant to help keep you on track. This will be decided after reviewing your medical history.
  • Weekly Follow Up: You will receive weekly lipotropic/B12 injections in addition to a weekly weigh in at our office. This will also give you the opportunity to speak with our nurse about any concerns or struggles you may be facing.
  • Monthly Follow Up: At 4 weeks you will repeat your body fat analysis and final weigh in. Depending on your progress and the goals you and Dr. Praderio set for yourself, you can determine whether or not to continue to the plan.

What are Lipotropic/B12 injections?

Lipotropic injections are also known as Methionine Inositol Choline (MIC) Injections and are used to help release fat from the primary fat deposits of the body. They are administered with or without B12.

The fat burning amino acids included in this injection are:

  • Inositol – A form of B-vitamin that promotes the health of the human cells and nerve synapses that promotes fat metabolism, reduces blood cholesterol levels and controls appetite.
  • Choline – An essential compound that participates in many metabolic functions of the body. It helps the liver to perform its functions and promotes excretion of many chemical waste products. While choline is required for the transportation and metabolism of fats and cholesterol, it also prevents fat accumulation in different parts of the body and cholesterol accumulation around the lumen of the vessel walls. This is important for the good health of the endocrine, cardiovascular, and hepatic systems.
  • Methionine – An essential amino acid and is not synthesized in the human body. That is why intake of this compound is very important. This amino acid acts as a lipotropic agent and promotes fatty tissue breakdown in the liver; helps in lowering the cholesterol levels of the body in order to prevent build-ups in the circulatory system. It can also reduce fatigue

Vitamin B12 will be administered at the same time in order to accelerate the metabolism so that fat will be shed rapidly. When used together, Lipo injections and B12 have shown to strengthen the effects of each other and therefore administered during the same treatment cycle

How can these injections help me lose weight?

These injections can help you lose weight because they stimulate liver function and boost metabolism. They also help your body to create an optimal environment for fat burning by helping improve the breakdown of fat in the liver. When combined with proper diet and exercise, the injections can supercharge your body’s ability to burn fat.

What are some possible side effects of this injection?

  • Pain/redness at the injection site
  • Stomach upsets: mild nausea or mild diarrhea is possible due to the sudden boost in minerals and nutrients. …
  • Headaches, light headedness

What are some possible side effects my appetite suppressant?

  • Insomnia, restlessness, constipation and dry mouth.
  • If you experience palpitations or begin to feel anxious or have tremors we ask that you stop the medication immediately.
  • Patients with a history of untreated anxiety, untreated thyroid disease, high blood pressure or cardiac disease ARE NOT a candidate for this medication.
  • If you are already taking a stimulant such as ADHD medication this medication is contraindicated.