Diolaze XL

Diolaze is advanced laser hair removal without the pain associated with traditional laser hair removal.

Diolaze is extremely safe and exhibits zero side effects when used correctly.  Diolaze can be used to treat most parts of the body with unwanted hair.  With its built in cooling and safety features we can target hair without overheating the treatment sites.  Which means less pain.

Diolaze can remove hair from

    • Chin, Sideburns and Neck
    • Arms
    • Legs
    • Underarms
    • Back
    • More….


Will it work for me?

Diolaze is an extremely safe and capable device.  It can be used on skin types I to IV. If you don’t know your skin type, just give us a call, we can send you a questionaire. 

With regards to the results you can expect, everyone is different.  No laser hair removal device can guarantee results, but the majority of patient do see long term hair reduction with permanent results. 


Can I fit it into my busy schedule?

Diolaze is quick and relatively painless.  There is no downtime and you can go about your regular routine immediately after.  Spot treatments can take anywhere from 5-10 minutes and larger areas can take up to 1 hr.  If you need to fit into your lunch schedule just let us know. 

In order to get the best results treatments are performed from 4-8 weeks apart but this depends on multiple factors such as hair thickness, skin color , hair color and the amount of hair to remove. 

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