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New Patients

Dr. Praderio is currently accepting new patients. However, our process for new patient intake has changed.


AS OF JUNE 9, 2022 we will only schedule new patients through our new patient portal. Due to the high volume of patients we cannot guarantee any appointment time.

We are no longer able to schedule any New Patients over phone. 


New Patient Requests will be processed as soon as possible. 

PLEASE NOTE: By submitting a request, you understand that we are unable to guarantee an appointment. 


We require a note from your Primary Care Physician (PCP) regardless of the type of insurance you plan to use.  

Here is what to expect from our new patient intake process: 

          1. Fill out the intake information from link in the button above. 
          2. Once you are registered, we will send you some additional paperwork via the online portal. 
          3. In order to expedite the process, please have your primary physician send us the requested paperwork.  Our fax number is 844.717.5672. 
          4. Please allow up to 48 hours for a response after we receive the request from your PCP to respond to your request. 








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